Roll your own Alienware DHS 2 media center PC

OEM Alienware DHS 2

What's this? A major equipment manufacturer not designing their own chassis and/or system? Stop the presses, alert the public! Alienware's $1,600 DHS 2 (and ZT's $1,400 QMedia PC, for that matter) is nothing but an "Intel Entertainment PC Bare-bone System for Intel Processors, Model L8D915POMS2N3S" OEM box—buy one for $829 (current going price), drop in the Intel CPU and hard drive of your choice (don't forget to get a copy of XP Media Center Edition 2005) and you're ready to roll deep up in the media center PC game. Perhaps with that six or seven hundred you just saved you'd like to take us out to dinner?

[Via eHomeUpgrade]